Ryland Settlement

Date for Filing a Claim has Expired

Under the RYLAND CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENT, owners of homes built by The Ryland Group, d/b/a Ryland Homes had the potential availability of benefits as they relate to the Slab Repair/Slab Replacement of their basement slab due to expansive soils. Also, in lieu of the right to receive a payment toward slab repair/replacement, a Liquidated Cash Payment was available based on the Program Year in which the claim was filed.

More detailed and precise terms of the Settlement are available as outlined in the 1996 Civil Action No. 96 CV 101, Division CR21 may at the Douglas County District Court.

The court appointed Claims Administrator, William R. Peterson is available for questions by email at bpeterson@coloradomanagement.com.

The Ryland Settlement finalized on June 24, 2006. No additional claims may be submitted.