Fiscal Management

The most important thing to remember about your Community Association is that it is a business. This business affects one of the biggest investments an Association member makes, their home. Financial management is an integral and vital factor in the success of your community. Colorado Management assists the Board of Directors in this task by providing:
  • Efficient compilation and maintenance of the Association's records, utilizing modified accrual and fund accounting. Colorado Management adheres to the Association of Independent Certified Public Accountant's (AICPA) recommended accounting principles and practices
  • Preparation of easily understood and accurate monthly financial reports
  • Provide assistance in the budgeting process pursuant to historical data, industry forecasts, projected needs, and the governing documents
  • Administration of restricted reserve accounts established by long-range forecasts, investment strategies, capital expenditures, and taxation consequences
  • Preparation of concise reports for delinquent accounts and current collection status
  • Enforcement of Board established collection policies for delinquent owners
  • Professional relationship with key participants: bankers, engineers, builders, CPA's, legal counsel, collection agencies, homeowners, tenants, and Board of Directors
  • Assurance of success through teamwork!