Developers and Builders

Our focus is to remove the burden of association management from the developers and builders and entrust it to Colorado Management & Associates team of professionals.

We have created a specialized team of professionals to assist land developers and builders from the creation of associations through the transition to homeowner control. We believe this is important for a smooth transition and will ensure the financial solidity of an association prior to the land developers and builders exiting the community.

  • Preparation of start-up budget and assessment billing
  • Long term reserve planning and a yearly update
  • Recommendations for changes on governing documents to meet the needs of the respective community
  • Preperation of guidelines for architectural control, rules and regulations and required local and state processes
  • Assist in preparation of required senate and house bills with local attorneys
  • Facilitate communication between builders and land developers regarding construction and design guidelines
  • Present vendors who have a proven track record in working with developers, builders and homeowner associations
  • Prepare bid requirements and provide to qualified vendors
  • Covenant control is implemented before first home is sold to preserve and protect the assets of the community
  • Create committee guidelines/charters and training sessions
  • Train/Educate future homeowner Board respresentatives
  • Create policy and procedures for future homeowner Board representatives and the entire community
  • Prepare for transitional meeting and audit process
  • Facilitate transition of all common elements and amenitites between the land developer and the association