Community Governance

 Colorado Management & Associates believes that the governing documents are, of course, the most important aspect of any community. The governance is crucial in the successful management of all communities and the interpretation of those documents is vital.

Our fundamental approach and philosophies are as follows:

We will certify that all residents receive a copy of the governing documents and make the management team available for questions, clarification and discussion. In addition, we include a brief summary sheet, highlighting information within the governing documents. This process would include welcome packets that can be mailed in hard copy or digital format to new homeowners. The welcome packet will include, but is not limited to:

  • Governing Documents
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Architectural Guidelines/ Application
  • Neighborhood Information provided by Developer, builders or committees
  • Newsletter
  • Management Team Information

We utilize technology to inform the management team of all new residents as timely as possible. We are also able to post all relative information regarding communities on our website links for easy access.

Processes are in place for updating covenant documents in the form of amendments, resolutions and checklists. This checks and balance system ensures that the community rules are being followed pursuant to the governing documents.

Colorado Management & Associates offers workshops designed specifically for each individual community. Such workshops are made available to each owner/resident within the community. These forums communicate, educate and clarify the issues or questions regarding the governing documents.

We will also work closely with attorneys and educational organizations within the industry to remain informed of changes in laws governing HOA's and ensure all parties involved are advised.