Claims Management

The Division of Claims Administration specializes in Class Action Settlements. Once a class action is settled, the Court appointed Claims Administrator is charged with the combined financial responsibilities and all the administrative functions set out in the Settlement Agreement. We must be bonded for security of funds that have approached $32,000,000.00. Innovative procedures and systems were initiated to assure optimum tracking of all projects, thereby ensuring Settlement Accountability to the Courts.

Courts usually require extensive record keeping and an abundance of information for year-end reporting. The Claims Administrator must make visual inspections for all Claims and follow through to its conclusion. In order to facilitate all the data required, we have accountants and support staff to assist the Claims Administrator to oversee all facets to benefit both the Plaintiffs and Defendants. Our Claims Division staff has over 10 years in combined experience in this new area of Management. Our continuing goal is to provide the best possible service as expeditiously and conscientiously as possible.

We have found that efficient and effective Claims Administration can only be accomplished through communication and teamwork with claimants, contractors, and attorneys. Our planning and organization can effectively manage a legal entanglement most people have never experienced.