Claims Administration

The Division of Claims Administration specializes in Class Action Settlements.

Insurance Claims

Colorado Management & Associates is committed to providing you best in class service and expertise. Here’s a sample of what to expect with us…

  1. Meet with the Board of Directors or Manager to clearly understand the client’s needs and develop a customized solution for their property damage claim
  2. Insurance Policy Review to determine best strategy for a successful claim
  3. Property Inspection and documentation of all damage by our team of dedicated industry professionals
  4. Create a detailed damage report with photos and projected estimate of damage
  5. Meet with Property Owner and Manager to review the damage report and explain the next steps in the claims process
  6. Ensure all supporting documentation is prepared prior to submitting to insurance company
  7. Utilize our team of experts to achieve a successful claim (public adjusters, engineers, attorneys, contractors, etc…)
  8. Advise the Board of Directors and Manager on options for completing the restoration from their claim

Class Action Settlements

Colorado Management has administered settlements encompassing claimant participants of 250 claimants to approximately 20,000 claimants and spanning in duration from one year to ten years with funds approaching $60 million. Development of computer databases and innovative procedures and systems have been initiated to assure optimum tracking of all projects, thereby ensuring Settlement Accountability to the Courts.

Courts will require extensive record keeping and a variety of diversified information for year-end reporting. The Claims Administrator may also confirm through visual inspections that the settlement criteria are met and follow through is accomplished to conclusion. In order to facilitate the administration of all the data required by the settlement process, accountants and support staff assist the Claims Administrator in the day-to-day functions of administering the claims which benefit both the Plaintiffs and Defendants. The Claims Division staff has over 30 years in combined experience in this new area of Management. Our planning and organization effectively produce results within timeframes required by the settlement documents and for the benefit of the claimants.

Our continuing goal is to provide the best possible service as expeditiously and conscientiously as possible. We have found that efficient and effective Claims Administration can only be accomplished through communication and teamwork with claimants, contractors, accountants and attorneys.